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Every year, millions of school bags are purchased for Equipping our children at the beginning of the school year. Unfortunately, many of them soon end up showing signs of wear and are replaced prematurely. How to extend the life of a school bag? This is a necessary question to save money, preserve natural resources and reduce waste. In this article, we offer you Practical tips for school bag safety, repairing and reusing your children's school bags, in order to keep them in good condition for as long as possible.

Tips and Tricks For School Bag Maintenance

Following are the tips and tricks that you can apply to maintain your children's school bags for a longer duration.

1. Choose a quality educational background

At the origin of a long life for a school bag there is also a choice to be made. By opting for a particular material, design, structure, you influence the destiny of your school bag.

Durable and resistant materials:

Today's school bags are dressed in various materials that are more or less resistant. Here are the most used materials:

  • Leather. It promises resistance and elegance to the school accessory. However, expensive and heavy, it tends to be neglected in favor of the materials below;
  • The web. Like leather, it is lightweight and affordable, but less resistant to wear and weather.
  • Polyester. An increasingly popular material, it guarantees great resistance to water and tears, but can deteriorate over time.

You now know the three subjects mainly used in the making of a school bag. Now let's talk about their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Leather is ideal for intensive use. It offers a long service life, but requires regular maintenance
  • The canvas is suitable for everyday use, but may require more frequent repairs
  • Polyester is weather resistant, but can lose color and strength over time. Today, it is this subject that wins all the votes among the manufacturers of school luggage.

Design and structure:

Second criteria to be taken into account to promote the school bag maintenance is the structure of the bag.

Be sure to choose a binder with double or triple straps for added strength. The assembly of the different parts of the luggage requires quality stings and overthrows. By reinforcing these straps, the school bag becomes more resistant. The same criteria applies to zippers and other fasteners.

Size, comfort and aesthetics

In order to select the ideal school bag for your child, here are three important criteria: size, comfort and aesthetics.

Adapt the size of the accessory to the age and needs of your child. You will find on our online shop all the necessary information on each product sheet to select the right dimensions. Do not hesitate to consult them!

Check that the shoulder straps are padded and adjustable for better comfort and back support. An important element in maintaining the good health of growing school children.

Choose a bag with an attractive design that your student will be proud to wear every day. To do this, involve your child before buying the accessory!

2. Maintain your school bag

Obviously, to extend the life of a school bag, it is imperative to maintain it well. But don't panic, here are some tips to avoid spending hours cleaning!

Regular cleaning

Regular maintenance is the basis for keeping a schoolbag in good condition throughout the school year, or even for several years. But so that this moment does not turn into a nightmare, below you will find the cleaning techniques adapted to each bag and the precautions to take to avoid damaging the schoolbag.

Cleaning techniques adapted to the binder material:

Let's take a look at the three materials most used in the making of school bags. Here's how to clean:

  • for leather, use a soft cloth and a specific leather cleaner (which you will find in supermarkets, shoe shops or online);
  • for the canvas, gently brush the surface with a soft-bristled brush and soapy water;
  • For polyester, wipe with a damp cloth and a little mild detergent.

Precautions to be taken to avoid damaging the school accessory

Some measures are necessary to prevent damage to the luggage during cleaning. Regardless of the material and shape of the bag, it is preferable:

  • Do not immerse the school bag in water
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun to avoid discoloration;
  • Allow the accessory to air dry, away from direct heat sources.

3: Wear and weather protection

You will find commercially interesting sprays to protect your child's school bag against wear and tear and bad weather. Among the protective products:

  • Waterproofing agents to protect against water and stains (to be chosen according to the material of the luggage);
  • Anti-stain solutions to prevent dirt and facilitate cleaning;;
  • Protective covers for use when traveling in difficult weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.). 

How to keep clean your school bag

In order to extend the life of your child's luggage, it may be worthwhile to repair it at the slightest sign of failure. Detect signs of wear and free yourself from repair techniques or call a professional: here are all ways to implement to preserve your school bag as long as possible.

Detect signs of wear

Small snag in the fabric, zipper that jams or twisted wheel, the schoolbag sometimes comes back with some worries. It is important to react quickly to prevent problems from getting worse. To prevent, regularly inspect every corner of the school baggage:

  • fabric;
  • seams;
  • zippers;
  • school bags;
  • straps;
  • the trolley device (the casters and the telescopic handle).

After detecting a failure, proceed quickly to the repair!

Getting rid of a few simple repair techniques

The repairs of the schoolbag are, most of the time, not so complicated. You can then easily repair the straps and reinforce the weakened areas with a strong thread and a needle adapted to the material. If necessary to get rid of any dirt just wash it simply.

To go further visit online stationery shop You will find simple, effective and economic school bags with easy maintenance to give a second life to your child's favorite accessory.

Adapting the use of the school bag

One last point to extend the life of your child's school bag: teach him how to use it well and take care of it. This requires regular cleaning of the bag and respectful handling of it.

Do not overload the binder

When you inspect the children's school bag, you often find unnecessary accessories. It is therefore important to regularly declutter the school bag and help your child organize his school bag each day.

The consequences of a school bag that is too heavy are extremely unfortunate:

  • Premature wear of seams, shoulder straps and other elements
  • Health problems for the child, such as back pain and posture problems.

So to properly organize and lighten the contents of your school bag, here are three recommendations:

  1. Bring only essential school supplies;
  2. Use binders or lightweight sleeves to group documents.
  3. Encourage your child to empty their school bag regularly to avoid accumulating unnecessary items.

Handle school bag with care

Finally, so that his school bag accompanies him faithfully throughout the year, help your children to use it well and especially to take care of it. Too often we see the accessory carelessly thrown into the schoolyard or hurtling down the stairs in roll mode. Say no to this kind of practice and explain why to your child!

Place smaller and lighter items in the smaller compartments.

  • Put your folders in the outer back pocket.
  • Keep your water bottle in one of the side compartments.
  • Place pencils or other writing supplies in a smaller pocket.
  • Keep really fragile items, like your calculator, in inside pockets higher up in the bag.

To maintain a school bag is to know how to use it well. Each device in the bag must be used appropriately: teach him to lift his school bag with the handle or to carry it on his shoulders with the two shoulder straps to distribute the weight evenly. Thus, not only will you extend the life of his schoolbag, but you will also preserve the good health of your child.


Learning how to extend the life of a school bag is important on all levels for parents concerned about the well-being of their children and the environment. By choosing a quality bag, with school bag maintenance, repairing it and using it appropriately, you can help reduce resource consumption, waste and pollution. In addition, by giving used school bags a second life, you encourage reuse and creativity.

By just simply applying these tips and tricks on your children's school bag you can easily use it for longer duration.Looking for a new school bag? Discover our beautiful collections at Saleemi Book Depot, there is something for all tastes, all ages and all budgets!


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