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Birthday party themes for children and adults

If you're planning a celebration in the near future, we are to share unique birthday party theme ideas to give you inspiration for a party to remember. From a magical unicorn theme and a colorful inspired party, to a fun beach bash and playful baby shower, this collection of party themes has plenty of ideas for every season and occasion. You can Choose a party theme from our Online book depot. It is a great way to make it extra special and help you narrow down everything from the menu you serve to the decorations you put up.

Classic Birthday Party Themes

When it comes to planning your staff Christmas party, summer party, school reunion, birthday party, or annual charity gala dinner, choosing a theme is an excellent way to make it memorable, unique, and a blast to both plan and attend!

However, choosing a party theme that suits your event and your guests does need some thought. What theme is most likely to resonate with your crowd and suit the type of event you’re hosting?

To help you choose the best theme for your party or event, we’ve compiled a huge list of ideas to get the creative juices flowing.Once you have the vision, then you’re well on your way to creating an amazing party!

  • Rainbow Theme

This rainbow birthday party from the event is next level. While you can definitely go all-out with this theme, the inclusion of table covers, a photo backdrop, and a festive dress code can go a long way in creating the rainbow vibe.

After you’ve chosen a theme, consider some of these cheery decor ideas to add pops of color to your vibrant party vibes:

  • Balloon arch:

 When it comes to rainbow decor, the idea of “too much color” doesn’t exist. A rainbow birthday arch adds a vibrant pop of color and is a staple accessory in the realm of rainbow-themed party ideas. You can also assemble a colorful backdrop for a far-out photo booth with the help of a tie-dye or mandala-inspired tapestry.

  • Rainbow tableware:

Whether you’re hosting a classic rainbow party or veering in the direction of sparkly unicorns or princes and princesses, you can’t go wrong with neon rainbow plates and cups on your table covered with a color smoke to help you enjoy all of the delectable goodness in style.

  • Birthday candles:

 From homemade birthday cakes baked with love (and extra frosting) to professionally crafted works of art, no rainbow-themed birthday cake is complete withouta special Birthday candles You can let the little guest of honor blow out their candles in style or turn each tricolored candle into a cute accent on a batch of decorated cupcakes.

  • Multicolor party bags:

What better way to say goodbye to all of your party guests than with a rainbow-inspired party favor? Keeping it on-theme, you can fill these multi color party bags with rainbow party favors like rainbow sprinkle cake pops, cup cakes and candies.

  • ’80’s Party

A theme that never gets old and perfect for any age group: a fabulous ’80s bash. This 80’s party inspiration from many years is still alive. It still is one of the classic birthday party themes with bright colors, and of course plenty of old vibes.

The 80s were an exceptional time for music, movies, and TV. It was the decade of grunge rock, and boy bands, but it also gave us some of the best cartoons on television. Nothing beats the 90s for a fun and nostalgic celebration!

  • Pancake Party

With Birthday cake and Birthday cap, this Pancake party is guaranteed to be a hit. Encourage guests to come over in different floral theme clothes and have a cozy morning celebration that is equal parts effortless and extremely cute.

  • Disco Birthday Bash

We were blown away when we first saw this amazing Disco birthday bash party concept. Big silver balloons, sparkles, confetti, pops of pink? We’re sold. This can also be a theme done on a budget: make a statement wall with shimmery silver streamers, add some large balloons, a disco dress code and disco forever playlist you’ll be all set to go and enjoy the whole party.

Unique and creative birthday party themes

For kids there are some creative birthday party themes mentioned below that are trendy and in fashion these days.

For kids, tap into the more magical elements with a superhero party or a celebration centered around unicorns. For teens, plan a version of backyard games or a game night two ideas that no 13-year-old will roll their eyes at. And, for adults, consider an epic bubbly brunch, a cozy family dinner or even a rooftop celebration

With a little creativity, these birthday party ideas can even be relatively inexpensive, since you'll be able to lean on items you already own, plus a few simple crafty DIY projects to bring the whole thing together. And if you really want to just sit back and enjoy the day, we've also got ideas to help you plan a small, yet totally fabulous, completely hands-off event. Welcome to our birthday party themes list, with tried-and-true party ideas and games to make your celebration simply unforgettable.

Unicorn Party

How many years running is this party theme, yet it's still a top contender for birthday parties. We are even seeing a more boho unicorn look coming through with florals and natural elements.

Dinosaur Party

There are so many variations to this theme which means making it suit your party style is easy. You can make a cute dinosaur like the featured cake or a chocolate covered cake with greenery, rocks and dinosaur figurines. Both of these styles are hugely popular and look amazing with forest coloured balloons and decor.

Safari Animal

This theme is versatile in that it is great for baby shower parties, smash cakes and birthdays. Natural colors work really well for this theme, using kraft favor bags and plates give a forest feel to the decor.

Superhero Party

Choose your favorite superhero, or have them all! This party theme has a bucket load of options and can be tailored to all sexes by simply changing up the superhero of choice, the color of the decor and cake.

Birthday party themes for all ages

There are some birthday party themes that can suit all age groups and every one will be happy to be part of this celebration. Choosing a theme is the first step towards planning an epic birthday party, and for picky adults, it can be tricky. We've got a birthday party theme for every interest you can imagine—and then some you probably couldn't!

Roof-top party

The key to a successful rooftop party lies in creating an atmosphere that bursts with energy and excitement. Start by carefully curating your guest list to ensure a diverse mix of personalities. Next, elevate the ambiance with lively music that sets the tone for the event. 

A classic playlist featuring upbeat tunes and catchy melodies will have everyone dancing under the stars. Lighting is also crucial – string lights, lanterns, and even LED furniture can transform your rooftop into a magical oasis as the sun sets. Incorporating comfortable seating areas, plush cushions, and colorful throws will encourage guests to mingle, relax, and enjoy the festivities.

Bollywood party

Get your guests to dress up in their best bollywood style characters, dresses and suits, hang up some Art Deco posters, and play some jazz classics to set the right mood.

If you're planning a 90s-inspired party, revolution and freedom is the perfect theme. And don’t forget about music! Let the sounds of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones fill your dance floor as you celebrate life.

Harry potter Party

Invite some friends over and have a Harry Potter movie marathon. Start with the Sorcerer’s Stone and work your way up to The Deathly Hallows. You can also Invite your friends to come dressed up as their favorite character. You can have Quidditch matches and create your own trivia game based on the movies.

What better way to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday than by reading the books? Start from the beginning and relive all of his magical adventures.

Give your guests a lesson in magic with a party they’ll never forget! Serve some butterbeer and pumpkin pasties, host a potions-making class and have your guests play a game of Quidditch with brooms and tennis balls – the options are plentiful!


And yes, themes work just as great for grown-up parties as they do for kids’ parties! Whether you’re planning a birthday celebration, a baby shower or literally any other type of party, having a theme is an easy way to make it fun and unique.

In this modern era's birthday celebration doubles up with a theme based party. You can choose or design your birthday party theme with our Birthday item list.

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