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Choosing the perfect School Bag for your children

Are you in search of long-lasting and trendy school bags? Look no further!! This article is here to guide you not only just the latest trends of school bags for children but also providing information regarding the best website you can reach to get on for your children bags.

Choosing the right bag for your children will also impact their studies and your budget. Whether you are a student or working in any academic institute you need a school bag so let’s dive in and discover the world of bags together.

School bag is a symbol of growth, learning and discovery towards new things. It tells the story of a new journey both inside and outside the classroom. One of the most memorable moments in a student’s life is the school life. School life is considered as the first stage in anyone’s life to start the process of learning. School life is the foundation where we study everything from science to history to mathematics.

The weight of this study pressure is carried by the school bag. Now they are an important part of a school life. The time when school bags were regarded as just another sack is gone. School bags have evolved to form a student’s identity in school. School bag is considered important as it provides students with:

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Supportive
  • Durable

Above mentioned points are the things which makes a school bag important in a school life. As books need to be carried in a school bag, a school bag must have the above mentioned qualities which makes it important.


A school bag is a bag that is used for carrying books like. for school, usually with a long strap and carried over the shoulder, or carried on the back like a backpack. The basic idea of a school bag is the transport of books, school supplies and school accessories on the way to school. The bag protects the contents from rain, snow and dirt. Clarity in the school bag and weight distribution are of great importance for primary school students.

They are not just an accessory tool for students to carry their notebooks, books and other essentials to school but also keep everything organised that a child can easily find in their classrooms. School bags also provide a sense of responsibility to children as they take them from home to school and come back with them.

They have an ample space to hold books with a few side pockets to carry essential things. Every year when school starts, students and their parents from all around the world start their search for the best bags. School bags are also called BACK-PACK and here I tell you why:

B- Bring it to school

A- Assists you

C- Convenient

K- Keeps you stuff organised

P- Plain and essay to carry

A- Adjustable

C- Can hold lot of books and notebooks

K- know how to use


Purchasing the best bag can help your children the whole year. So following are the things that you should consider while buying a bag:

Quality of the material:

First thing to ensure while purchasing a school bag. Material should be smooth, waterproof, and long lasting. Another thing is material stuff that should be easy to clean.Best material bags will provide your children with all the comfort.

Size of the School Bag

Size is the second most important thing as we should buy bags according to the age group of our children and the size which they can carry easily.Also consider the no of books,notebooks and other items that a child carry daily to choose the perfect size.If a bag is too small according to your children daily need than it will cause inconvenience and If a bag is too large it will be difficult to handle.

Enough Compartments and pockets:

One of the main things that usually parents ignore.Pockets are the key components in every bag.Compartments not only just give partitions to books and notebooks but it also makes it easy for a child to find anything in the School bag.You can keep your pens in the front pocket and water bottle and lunch in the side pockets.

Comfortable to wear:

It is also the key element that should be considered.Adjustable,padded shoulder straps and a padded back will make it comfortable for your children to carry the School Bag. As a child carries a bag on his/her shoulder so comfort is the main thing. The bag also should be padded where it rests on your child's back. This helps reduce the pressure on your shoulders and ensures that the backpack stays comfortable on your back even if you wear it for a long time

Smooth Zippers or Tight Scratch Openings:

The zippers should be smooth that can be easily opened and can be used for a long period of time and scratch openings must be tight and pockets should be finely stitched, durable and preferably elastic.

Smooth wheels:

Incase of a wheeler bag, the wheels should be smooth and strong enough to bear the load and easily rotatable in every direction to ease its dragging.


School bags come in a wide variety of styles,latest trends, shapes and sizes to suit the different ages and needs. They range from simple cosy bags to more structured backpacks. A school bag reflects the taste of a student, therefore it must be fancy and stylish according to his choice. There are many themes available in the market that you can go and choose. Or else school bags can also be purchased online.

There are very famous websites like saleemi book depot from where you can find a world of themed and fancy school bags online. There are school bags for boys as well as School bags for girls. So, shop for your bags while keeping in mind these measures and save your precious time and money.

Backpacks have been accompanying school children for more than a century and they have evolved over time from being rigid to more flexible. In the past there were only limited options but now today you can choose your children Bag from a range of unlimited variety like from Saleemi book depotwith their exceptional online School Bag providing services.

Designs vary for both girls and boys and also according to age-group. For example girls more like Disney princess or Barbie type bags because of their attachment from starting with these characters. Boys more like batman or other heroic fictional characters bags special the BENTEN bag is in high demand from the starting that you can easily get from our website.

Other trendy bag designs include some sort of logo of the brand or a sports club. Style of your bag explains your personality. AS adult age-group more like classic pieces of bags that are very eye-catching. NOW customised backpacks are also available that are more trendy these days as children feel a sense of pleasure in this case.


school-bag -tips

As parents, We are often concerned about the safety of our children. That's why backpack safety tips are important. Modern backpacks are designed to carry heavy loads like from notebooks to lunchboxes to other stationery items.

While school backpacks are not a safety concern, an overloaded or improperly fitted backpack can lead to muscle and joint pain especially in younger children.


Main thing is to teach our children how to pack their School bags smartly. Smart move is to put the heaviest items closest to the middle of the bag rather than in front compartments as it will help to carry books weight easily. It will also give children a sense of independence and satisfaction when they back their own bag smartly.


It is very crucial to properly wear the school bag as it will impact on students' posture. Correctly wearing the backpack will minimise the strain on your child’s back Very essential tip is to wear both shoulder straps to avoid putting too much weight on any one shoulder. Excessive weight on any one shoulder can adversely affect the shoulder joint. Always adjust the straps so that the school bag sits close to their body.


Weight of a school bag is very crucial to prevent children from any kind of discomfort. Weight of the Back-oack should not be more than 15 percent of the child's weight. FOr example a child weight of 50 pounds should carry a maximum of 7.5 pounds. We should also ask our children if the bag is too heavy or notice if they are leaning forward or arching their back to compensate for the weight of the bag.

Parents should take care so that the school bag weight is always less than 15 percent of the total body weight of the child. The parents and teachers should be always aware about their carrying technique of bags. High prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms among elemen­tary schoolchildren. Preventive measures and appropriate guidelines with regard to safe load carriage in schoolchildren are therefore needed to protect this age group.


Purchasing a right back-bacp is very essential. You should look for a School bag that has wide, padded shoulder straps and a padded secure back. All these features distribute weight equally on both shoulders and also provide better support. An additional feature that you should consider is a waist strap to keep it from moving side to side. 


If your children's school allows it or your child likes to take rolling school bags then you should choose a rolling back-bacp for them. These can be a great alternative if your children tend to carry heavy bags. Rolling backpacks minimise the strain on their back and shoulders.

Regularly Check And Clean Your Child’s Backpack

Periodically inspect your child's backpack for unnecessary items that can add weight. Encourage them to clean it out regularly, removing any non-essential items. A lighter backpack means less strain on their back.

Remember, backpack safety is not just about preventing back pain; it also helps avoid other potential hazards. In a study published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers identified 247 kids who had serious backpack-related injuries. The litany of injuries included all sorts of sprains, strains, and broken bones. A few kids hurt themselves while wearing their packs, but they were far outnumbered by the kids who tripped over packs that were lying on the ground.


Online shopping is one of the most popular activities that Pakistani consumers engage in when they use the internet because they are always on the lookout for unique products in Pakistan. That's why Pakistan’s eCommerce industry is the 37th in the world and one of the fastest growing.

When it comes to school, a strong sturdy bag that can carry the weight of the books while looking smart, sleek and trendy is really important. School bags are available in many different sizes, colours and styles. The quality and durability of the school bags matter the most. No one can compromise on the high quality and durable stuff of the school bags for their Children. Girls have their own choices of cartoon characters or maybe a Disney princess. These bags are available in such themes as well. You can see many brands on Saleemi book depot website. So it's time for you to now shop school bags in Pakistan online by using our website at minimal prices. So get your girl a trendy school bag which can add a catchy look to their appearance.

Consumers will purchase almost anything they can online for the convenience that online shopping offers them and when it is the high demand products in Pakistan - how can they think of passing on this golden opportunity to visit saleemi book depot website that provides latest trendy school bags in affordable range with their fastest delivery process and best customer dealing experience, A range of variety with best quality and with affordable range this the best deal that you can get.


  • Put your folders in the outer back pocket.
  • Keep your water bottle in one of the side compartments.
  • Place pencils or other writing supplies in a smaller pocket.
  • Keep really fragile items, like your cell phone, in inside pockets higher up in the bag.
  • Use cold water and gentle detergent, and wash on a gentle cycle. 
  • To hand wash the bag, use the same mixture of dish liquid and warm water, and a soft sponge or microfiber cloth to wipe clean. Set your lunch bag to hang dry, again we're going to avoid the dryer here.
  • Try not to have random papers stuffed at the bottom. ...
  • Always unpack your bag when you get home so that you can take out all of your papers. ...
  • If possible, keep big things such as your lunch boxes in your locker so you do not have to carry it to every class and at the end of the day, pick it up.
  • Whether you're able to put your bags in the wash or not, start your cleaning session by spot-treating stains. Use a small amount of liquid detergent or a stain spray, allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then scrub gently with a soft brush.
  • You can also maintain your school bag if you Start by shaking out your bag to get rid of loose dust, dirt and crumbs. If you have a large, clean, soft bristle brush – like those used to clean shoes – gently brush the outside of your bag to knock off dust and dirt. If you don't have a brush, dust it off with a towel.
  • If you want to clean your zipper then the trick is there and run your tooth-brush along the zippers to dislodge grit and dirt. The zippers on some backpacks are concealed, or ‘reversed’, to protect the zipper coils from abrasion like friction and some other elements. This will help keep them smooth for their maximum lifespan.


YOU remember that commercial, right? The one where parents are rejoicing in happiness because the kids are headed back to school after a very long summer of unstructured time. Sure, there’s nothing like the magic of those carefree and happy months and the family vacations that come along with them, but let’s be bluntly honest, by the end of August or certainly at the beginning of September, most of us could use a return to structure.

Ensure that your child has everything in his/her bag when going to school at start of new annual year and even first day safer vacations, so to make it easy for you Following are the things that you look:

Mian thing to ensure before starting the school season is to buy a school bag then look for other things.

  1. Check you have all your assigned books
  2. Ensure you have all the notebooks for all the subjects and one register for your tuition work
  3. Wrapped covers on all the books and notebooks will impact a positive image
  4. Check for erasers or pencils and all the other essentials that are needed for work during class-room
  5. If you are going to use your previous year School bag than always monitor the quality and condition like if you can carry it or not
  6. While using a wheeler bag, try to check the wheels of the bag by rotating in every direction and on rough surfaces.


As we pack our school bags and prepare for the day ahead, let's not forget the fact that what we carry is more than just material objects.A school bag that is suitable for your child is essential for their well-being and academic success. Now you know all the advantages of the ideal school bag, you will be able to choose in any case the one that will accompany your learner most faithfully. Go to our School Bag Collection to check out the full range of school bags.

Feel free to share this article with other parents and follow us on social media to stay informed of the latest trends and news in school bag designs. Our tips and tricks will help you make the right choice and prepare for your children's future return to school. Together, let's contribute to their development and success throughout their educational journey through buying the comfortable school bag.

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