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Back to school stylish school bags for girls with inspired Style

A school bag reflects the taste of a student, therefore it must be fancy and stylish according to his choice. There are many themes available in the market that you can go and choose. Or else school bags can also be purchased online. There are very famous websites like online book store where you can find a world of themed stylish school bags for girls and fancy school bags online. There are school bags for boys as well as school bags for girls. So, shop for your bags while keeping in mind these measures and save your precious time and money.

The practicality and feasibility of the school bag:

Along with having the perfect size, a school bag must be easy to use and handy in practical use. A student must not find it difficult and cumbersome to open and close any of its sections or pockets. Therefore, while purchasing a stylish school bag for girls, ensure the quality of its body material, its zippers, scratch openings or pockets, and especially its holding straps.

1. Waterproof, sturdy, easy to clean material:

The body material is mostly produced from nylon polyester. Make sure it is of premium quality, thick and durable so that little scissor, stapler pins or blade cuts do not waste a whole bag. Moreover, the material of stylish school bags for girls should be waterproof to save books from water leaks, ink leaks or rain. Also, it should be easy to clean since school bags of children get dirty very often.

2. Smooth Zippers or Tight Scratch Openings:

The zippers should be smooth, scratch openings must be tight and pockets should be finely stitched, durable and preferably elastic.

3. Padded and adjustable chest straps:

For a backpack, the holding chest straps should be tightly and strongly attached, padded and must be adjustable to make them comfy for shoulders.

4. Smooth wheels:

In the case of stylish school bags for girls for a wheeler bag, the wheels should be smooth and easily rotatable in every direction to ease its dragging.

Unreveal the secret of trendy School bags for girls

Over the years, choosing stylish school bags for girls has become a real obstacle course. And in front of the shelves dedicated to school luggage in stores (or on online sites), you can't help but say: "but how do you choose the right one among so many different models"

You should know that the diversity of school bag shapes meets varied and specific needs. Each type has its unique strengths, suitable for different lifestyles and educational requirements. Here is a brief overview of the different varieties of models that are most in demand.

The classic horizontal satchel

The Classic Horizontal Satchel for stylish school bag for girls is quite a trendy option, with its iconic design, and offers an easy-to-organize space. Behind its rigid structure are hidden compartments perfect for storing all the school materials imposed by the teachers: books, notebooks, pencil cases, etc.

Its flap opening facilitates quick access to supplies: an undeniable asset for the youngest! Equipped with a handle and two shoulder straps, it offers optimal comfort on every trip.

The upright satchel or backpack

The school luggage designed vertically is none other than the backpack. You all know it, but do you know why it is so popular with all generations? Well, because it stands out for its flexibility, versatility and ease of transport.

For stylish school bags for girls fitting perfectly to the wearer's back thanks to its shape and adjustable shoulder straps (yes, you'll notice that this straight luggage follows the line of the back!), the accessory is almost forgettable. With it, children are free to move around and that's priceless.

Other features that make it an advantageous school companion include its multiple pockets and other compartments. Each pitch is designed to accommodate school supplies as well as everyday essentials such as glasses cases, water bottles and sneakers for sports activities.

Young students' wheeled bags

Let's discover the trolley! This wheeled luggage, designed as a suitcase mounted on wheels, revolutionizes the transport of school supplies, providing an ergonomic and practical solution to students' daily challenges.Initially widely acclaimed and then a little disparaged, this school bag offers advantages as well as disadvantages. No one is perfect!

The backpack on wheels

It is simply the Classic horizontal satchel to which the manufacturers have added wheels and a telescopic handle. It therefore has all the advantages of the initial baggage, namely:

  • a rigid, impact-resistant structure that provides the proper protection of school supplies that is essential for any good student;
  • an interior space large enough to store everything;
  • An easy-to-use locking system.

In addition, it offers not two, but three carrying solutions: in the hand thanks to the top handle, on the shoulders thanks to the wide and adjustable straps; The last way involves negotiation. Thanks to the wheels and the telescopic handle integrated into the accessory, the child no longer carries the weight of the bag: he tows it!

No more pain because of the far too heavy loads of school supplies. The wheeled satchel can be pulled out lightly. In addition, slightly raised (still on its wheels), its base is never in contact with the ground. The fabric of the school bag no longer hangs out in the puddles in the middle of the playground! Moms are thrilled, aren't they?

It is a Backpack with an integrated trolley system. In other words, a vertically flexible container equipped with a retractable handle and wheels. Like the trolley satchel, it combines the best of both worlds: the mobility of a backpack and the lightness of a model on wheels.

It's the ultimate all-rounder. Able to adapt to different situations of the day, it is no less trendy. In fact, students who want to combine style and functionality love it. Every year, this model is becoming more and more popular with children and parents alike.

True innovations in school luggage, these models on wheels offer adapted solutions to minimize the physical load and maximize the comfort of young learners.

However, as we said above, no baggage is perfect. Indeed, it is better to forget about models on wheels if your child's school has stairs or if the path to school is strewn with pitfalls (stony paths, narrow sidewalks, use of public transport, etc.

So yes, with three wearing options, these models can find their way back to children's backs if needed. If it's a brief moment, it's possible. But the trolley option on the shoulders is nevertheless to be limited.

It is important to know that the device itself (wheels and handle) adds weight to the initial container. Since the goal is to minimize the weight of school bags, it would be counterproductive to carry this kind of school luggage on your shoulders for too long or too often.

Trendy school bags ideas

Nowadays, having a trendy stylish school bag for girls is as important as having the right textbooks. The school bag is not only a practical tool to carry your belongings, but it is also a fashion accessory that can reflect your personality. That is why we at New Rebels say: make a statement with your bag. In this article, we will discuss some of the hippest school bags of the moment and contrast the New Rebels models with them.

Backpacks have long been a favorite choice for students of all ages. They are comfortable, practical and offer enough space for all your belongings. One of the backpacks you see a lot of at the moment is our water-repellent. This backpack has become popular in recent years because of its minimalist design and durable materials. The backpack comes in plenty of colors and sizes, so there is always one to suit you.

Another stylish school bag for girls you see more often among students are our rolltop models. This backpack has a timeless design that looks just as good on campus as it does in the city. The backpack features a large main compartment with a zip closure and a flap with roll top closures, as well as a padded back panel, a laptop compartment and a front zip pocket.

If you are looking for something more sleek and fashionable, consider a messenger bag. These bags are generally carried over the shoulder and have a sleek, minimalist look. We have the William shoulder bag for you in this range. This bag is available in numerous colors and offers enough space for all your belongings, including a laptop.

Finally, there are also the trendy tote stylish school bags for girls, which are perfect for students who don't need to carry a lot of stuff. Tote bags are usually made of fabric and have short handles that are comfortable to hold. Available in numerous colors and patterns, they are a great way to show off your personality.

Whether you are looking for a backpack, messenger bag or tote bag, there is always a trendy New Rebels school bag to suit you. Most importantly, you should choose a bag that is not only practical, but also matches your style and personality. With the bags above, you will have enough inspiration to find the perfect bag.

  • Multifunction backpacks

Multifunction school bags are more than just transporters for books and folders. With this option, consumers will often find side water bottle pockets, detachable pencil cases, and more built-in, zippered compartments. 

This style has increasingly become the most common among kids school bag trends because it eliminates the need to carry other bags. The soft handle and padded traps make them suitable for children to carry with ease. 

One of the most important aspects of multifunction school bags for kids is their ability to house small laptops, textbooks, computer cords, and tablets. Consumers will find these in numerous patterns and color ranges. By combining function with fashion, this option is popular among parents and students alike.

  • Classic design bags

When it comes to basic stylish school bags for girls, there’s the standard, classic style bag. These may or may not have side pockets large enough for water bottles or other items. Consumers can choose from an array of styles and sizes, and this no-frills option is typically one of the least expensive choices.

They’re not super spacious, but they’re functional enough to carry basic school supplies. Parents who are shopping for kids who don’t intend to use electronic equipment may find this a suitable option while staying on budget for back-to-school shopping.

  • Backpack sets

Consumers looking for more variety for their school aged children may want to consider backpack sets. This kids school bag trend includes the main book bag, a pencil case, and a lunch box.

Backpack sets have a tendency to be more fashionable since all three components share a similar pattern. There’s also the option of themes, such as unicorn backpack or superheroes.

  • Clear school bags

Some schools mandate that children use clear book bags, so parents may not have an option depending on the school’s safety protocols. Despite them being clear, these school bags can come in many colors, sizes, and styles. Most are constructed from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabric, which is a multipurpose material that’s flame retardant, waterproof, and durable.

One of the main advantages of these bags is that they’re easy to clean. They typically have front pockets and side openings for water bottles. Clear school bags are often made with soft handle straps, zippered closures, are waterproof, and are considered heavy duty.

Rolling school bags

Another hot kids school bag trend is rolling school bags. These bags are ideal for younger kids who may have trouble carrying a traditional book bag. However, they’re also useful for students transporting multiple items like electronic devices, books, and a pencil case.

Consumers can find these options in sets or just as a single bag on wheels with a handle. Like the other types, these bags come in different patterns and sizes. Many styles include a removable backpack.

Best school bags for boys and girls

The choice of a school bag varies significantly with the age and changing needs of your young student. Indeed, each school stage requires a different solution. But in any case, as long as the model is attractive and functional for your child.

Heading for kindergarten

Your child is entering or continuing his or her studies in kindergarten. For him, choose a light, handy and playful bag. Colorful designs with beloved characters spark their imagination and encourage them to take care of their accessories.

Opt for models with simple closures and accessible pockets, perfect for little hands to open and close without help. But don't forget the primary function of the bag: it should be able to carry your young learner's daily belongings.

Here is a small (non-exhaustive) list of supplies required in kindergarten:

  • a change of linen in case of a minor accident;
  • a cuddly toy for napping;
  • a small communication notebook;
  • a pencil case;
  • a few handkerchiefs;
  • a snack.

The ideal models are backpacks with or without wheels. Well adapted to their sizes, these pieces of luggage are unanimously popular with 3-5 year olds. But the trolley bag is preferred: in the minds of small users, it takes on the appearance of a toy to be pulled at the same time as it is perceived as a work tool for grown-ups.

  • On the Road to Primary

Change of establishment, change of equipment! Students aged 6-12 are required to carry more and more books and notebooks on a daily basis. That's all supplies to organize in the school bag so that you can carry everything without damaging anything.

So for them, choose ergonomic school bags, with padded shoulder straps for increased comfort. Even better, models with several compartments help to organize their school belongings in a structured way. This will promote their autonomy.

The most represented school bag in primary school is the Horizontal rectangular satchel. It's definitely the ideal shape. Then, it's up to you to consider a wheeled school bag or not depending on the issues mentioned above.

Another important point for primary school children! Give them a school bag with their favorite characters: princesses, video game heroes, favorite animals.You'll see their faces light up! There is no better way to encourage their self-confidence.

  • Middle school and high school years

For middle and high school students, functionality and style go hand in hand. The goal: to find a sturdy bag to hold many books and sometimes a digital camera. Not to mention a more mature design!

No more bags of cartoon licenses like Pokémon, Barbie or Super Mario... Teenagers' school accessories represent a brand, a look, a state of mind, a style or their interest in a sports club.

Among the most popular brands in secondary schools: Kaporal, Rip Curl, Camps, No Fear, Kipling, NBA, Les Petites Bombes, London, Lilli Kessler.

Young people between the ages of 12 and 18 are looking for themselves. To do this, they need to surround themselves with unique accessories that represent their personality. The classic backpack, without wheels, is unanimously appreciated. As long as it is original, in its shape, in its design, in its closures, in its colors.

Choosing the right school bag for each phase of growth not only ensures your child's comfort and health, but also contributes to their academic development. That's why it's important to choose the accessory in consultation! It would be a mistake to impose on him the one you prefer.

School bags with price in pakistan

Back-to-school shopping just got a whole lot more exciting for Girls! The Character School Bag is not just a bag; it’s an adventure waiting to happen. Packed with style, functionality, and the coolest characters, this school bag is designed to make going to school an adventure your young one will look forward to every day.


Some of the most important aspects to buying the right school bag for your girl are:

Size: We know from experience that bigger is not always better in this instance. Don’t forget that bags are measured in kgs too. We recommend below 24l for primary school and above 24l for secondary.

Compartments: You want space to hold water bottles, pencil cases, a lunchbox, maybe a laptop or tablet. So look out for these.

Material: It’s a long year and school bags will go through the works with excited girls, so you need good-quality material!Don’t forget some comfortable straps too!


For all-round versatility, you can’t beat Jansport.They are large, have many compartments and are arguably the most stylish school bags.These are 34l capacity, have a laptop holder and multiple pockets, which may be more suitable to girls in secondary school.


For a solid, stylish and budget friendly school bag, the Nike Element can’t be beaten.

A dual zipper main compartment gives loads of storage, padded shoulder straps for support and a hoop to carry in hand. Stylish school bags for girls available in a wide variety of colors at a great price, you can’t look past it

A wheeled bag for your little kindergartener, a school bag for your primary school student, a backpack for your middle school student.Remember that the ideal background is one that meets the specific needs of your young learner while promoting their comfort and health. It reflects their personality, supports their busy daily life and accompanies them in each new educational adventure.


In the quest for the perfect school bag, every detail counts: from ergonomics to aesthetics to functionality. After going through the various aspects that make a school bag practical as well as attractive and make it a real ally in your student's educational journey, you should be able to define what is the best type of school bag for your child.


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