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Trendy and exciting Birthday party activities ideas

We have collected the most exciting birthday party activities for kids and adults and their party guests from all over the experience and beyond. From DIY cloud dough to competitive games, we have activities and fun ideas for kids of all ages in our collection of birthday items. Grab your party supplies, your birthday party activities, themes that you can select in a variety of ranges from our online book depot, and let’s get to the party planning!

Best kids Birthday party activities Ideas

There is so much fun to be had at a child’s birthday party! A birthday celebration is more fun with party favors, a great birthday party theme, ice cream, birthday cake, unique birthday caps and the best part – the guest of honor!

That is one of the reasons why these amazing birthday party ideas are so perfect. These activities will encourage a little creativity from some and a lot from others! Most children’s birthday party activities are a classic party game or two from the party host and are cut and dry, but these birthday party games will make their home party the event of the year!

If these kids’ birthday party ideas look like fun but you’re not the creative type, don’t worry we’ll provide all the help you’ll need!

  • Birthday Candle Coloring Pages

Create your own paper birthday candle with these birthday cake coloring pages. Or use these coloring pages as a birthday activity for kids! Kids' birthdays can get exciting , settle things down with some nice coloring!

  • Cake Painting

Forget the games, and let your budding artist and the guest list paint the cake books. This is such a creative birthday activity for kids. Not only does it give you a moment to breathe, but kids can decorate their own little cakes with birthday candles.

  •  Tissue Paper Birthday Number

A tissue paper birthday number activity is a great option for the party table covers at no additional cost. All you need is a couple crafting supplies and then you can make colorful and simple birthday decorations for anyone! It doesn’t matter what age you turn, you can make these birthday number decorations!

  • Backyard Clay Party

Make a DIY obstacle course with items like eco friendly clay, water and all the modules. Get ready to get messy, because this backyard clay course is a load of fun! Water, mud, crawling, it’s perfect!

Fun Indoor Birthday party activities

Every parent hopes their child’s birthday is as fun and as memorable as possible. But if you’re throwing a party in the cooler months or can’t be outdoors for one reason or another, you may be wondering how you’ll manage to keep a group of people engaged and entertained while indoors. 

Don’t worry! We’ve rounded up 16 ideas you can use for your kid’s next indoor birthday party, from classic games and themes to some out-of-the-box ideas.

  • Indoor Photo Booth

An indoor photo booth lets guests capture wonderful memories. You can set up a photo area by using a backdrop (tying into the birthday party theme) and including some accessories to take photos with. 

For the camera, you can either have a camera set up on a tripod, or have a parent or chaperone act as the photographer. Kiddos will be especially excited if you have an instant film camera like a Polaroid, where they can see their pictures immediately. 

After all the photos are taken, you can give them to kids to take home as a party favor. Even if you don’t have a Polaroid, you can create printables from your phone or computer before the end of the party. 

Materials needed for an indoor photo booth include the decorations and props for taking pictures, as well as a camera and picture paper.

  •  Bowling Party

Bowling parties have been around for decades but they never disappoint. It’s a fun, flexible option whether you have a small or large group because you can rent out as many lanes as you need. You can rent a separate party room where parents can hang out and kids can congregate for pizza, cake, party poppers and gifts later

Some bowling alleys will even take special requests with music or lighting (like glow-in-the-dark lights) and give birthday shoutouts to make the day even more memorable.

  • Indoor Soccer Game

If you have a group of sports fans on your hands, think about taking them to an indoor soccer game. Most cities have soccer teams that play indoors in the colder months. Look up soccer teams in your area and schedule your child’s party around an exciting match-up. Some indoor soccer stadiums may even have restaurants or party rooms to utilize for after-game fun.

  • Movie Theater Party

A tried and true option for an indoor birthday party is heading over to the movie theater. Odds are there’s a new movie your child is interested in or a theater nearby playing one of their favorites. Plus, there are plenty of ways to enhance this party idea. You can have kids dress up as characters in the movie, go to a theater that serves food during the movie, do a double-feature, and more. After the movie, you can keep the party going in a private room or at your child’s favorite restaurant.

  • Indoor Pool or Water Park Visit

If an outdoor party is not an option but your kid still wants to get in the water, look no further than an indoor pool or waterpark party. 

There are a few ways to go about this. In some areas, you can rent a local indoor pool for an afternoon of fun in the water and follow it with a trip to a local pizza shop. Another route, if you’d prefer an all-in-one option, is to host the party at a waterpark. Most waterparks have private rooms and plenty of food vendors to choose from. Kids will love the opportunity to swim around any time of year (especially in summers).

Blissful Outdoor Birthday party activities

Birthday celebrations are the time for our family reunions, picnics at the park, and gatherings with friends. With all those events, we are always in need of fun game ideas to keep the kids occupied and entertained! We’ve become pros at throwing outdoor parties and today we’re sharing our ideas for the best fun outdoor party games for kids. 

  • Water balloon fight

Water balloons are a fun activity at any outdoor kids party. And when it’s hot outside, a water balloon fight is a must on your party games list. Without a doubt, it will cool off the kids and cause them to squeal in delight! Or, do a water balloon toss. Line the kids up across from each other and let them toss the water balloon back and forth, getting farther away by taking a step backwards for each successful catch. The last team with an unpopped balloon wins.

  • Hide and seek

Hide and seek is a classic game that always gets all the kids engaged and having fun. It’s a classic party game that can be played almost anywhere! And kids love it! It’s a good game to play when the kids don’t really know each other well to warm up and get into the party spirit.

  • Obstacle course

Build an outdoor obstacle course with simple things that everyone has in the house, such as buckets, rope, pillows, pool etc. If you have backyard playground equipment (swings and slides), add them to the course. Then divide the guests into teams and have them make their way through the obstacle course one at a time. When the guests can challenge each other in teams this is such a fun outdoor game!

Birthday party activities for all age group

These few games mentioned below are the fun activities for all age group

Relay race

Relay races are a fun way for kids to build team spirit and work together for a common goal. We like to play a simple “down and back” relay race, where one kid from each team lines up and has to run down the lawn, around a cone, and then back. When they get back, they tag the next runner on their team, who does the same thing. The team that finishes first, wins! 

Egg-spoon races

Another popular game to play at a birthday party is egg-spoon races! Young and older guests love this fun backyard game, which is easy to set up with items you already have at home. Have the kids run holding the egg on the spoon and then, when they reach the next runner, they’ll need to pass it off their spoon and onto the other player’s spoon. If you have little kids (or you just don’t want to deal with egg mess), you can boil the eggs to prevent it from breaking and leaking everywhere.


Some Birthday party activities might require a few supplies, but they're everyday objects you probably already have lying around your house. It's OK to improvise if you have a similar thing. A slight variation gives a new twist. Chances are your guests will enjoy the party with these activities.

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