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Top 5 Must-Have Art Supplies for Every Craft Enthusiast

Top 5 Must-Have Art Supplies for Every Craft Enthusiast

Keep the kids entertained for longer with fun and messy hands-on art and craft activities in your learning setting – perfect for those dreary rainy days!

Awaken children’s imagination and inspire their creativity with arts and crafts! It is essential to offer lots of creative and messy play opportunities in your learning setting that you can get on online stationery shop, as research has shown that arts and crafts play an important role in enhancing a child’s development and learning – helping to develop their confidence, creativity, imagination, social skills, coordination, motor skills, decision making and thinking skills.

Art essentials

These craft supplies kids need to make art are some of the most basic of art supplies. Whether you have older kids or young kids, these kids' art supplies for every craft are great options for any art projects. Whether you’re trying to have so much fun at home or in the classroom, these art supplies, that you can get from any craft store, are perfect to keep your kids craft room stocked!

Paper and cord

  • White Paper & Card
  • Rainbow Paper
  • Coloured & Patterned Paper & Card
  • Tracing Paper
  • Tissue & Crepe Paper
  • Metallic Paper
  • Sugar Paper

Collage Supplies

  • Textiles & Fabrics – feathers, felt, foam etc.
  • Bits & Pieces – beads, buttons, wiggle eyes, pompoms, pipe cleaners, ribbon etc.
  • Sparkly Decor – glitter, sequins, jewels, gems etc.
  • Lolly Sticks
  • Adhesives
  • Glue Stick
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Paper Fasteners (Split Pins)

Art & craft supplies

Tools are a great way to keep your art supplies in shape for that you need art supplies for every craft! These tools are great things to have on hand and can make any of your craft ideas be made a little easier. Easy crafts are only easy if you have the right tools!

  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Stapler
  • Hole Punch
  • Disposable Cups and plates
  • Low-Temp Glue Gun (and glue sticks)
  • Tablecloth
  • Paint Shirt
  • Sponges
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paint Palettes
  • Safety Scissors


You’ll need a surface in which to mix your paint and a palette is just the thing. The type of palette you choose will be dependent entirely on your own taste. Traditionally, palettes were a wooden board in which you could place your thumb through and hold by your side, but you may prefer something you can place on a nearby table. You may like to work with disposable plastic palettes, or you could even just use a large sheet of glass.

As well as a palette, you might want a palette knife and a paint scraper.


Mediums are an important part of aer supplies for every craft painting yet they are often overlooked by beginners. Painting mediums are what you mix your paint with to help it flow, but they also serve specific functions such as adding gloss, translucency, and thickness/body to your paint.

The basic medium for acrylic paint is water, however, choosing a glazing medium or retarder that slows the drying time can be beneficial when you’re learning and likely to make mistakes. You may also like to try mixing a soft or heavy gel gloss into your paint for extra body.


Before you start your painting, you’ll most likely want to draw out your subject. All you need for this is a 2B pencil for general sketching and shading and a 4H for light areas that is the main element of art supplies for every craft. Alternatively, you could buy a pack of sketching pencils. You’ll also need a kneaded white eraser that won’t leave any residue behind.

And there you have it – your very first painting toolkit and all the art supplies you need! Make a note of everything we’ve suggested, and add your items to Discount Art N Craft Warehouse’s online shopping basket, these are the perfect art supplies for artists and beginners alike. Standard shipping will have your items with you in 3-5 working days and then your painting journey begins!

Drawing and sketching

Her, we know how much fun sketching, drawing, illustrating or simply coloring can be. One of the many benefits of art is that it can be done for relaxing or commission pieces for our more serious artists. This is why Art Shed stocks a great expansive range of Pencil Sets from some of the world’s most famous Art Brands from Mont Marte Faber Castell, Prismacolor, Derwent, and Cretacolour, just to name a few.

Each of these brands has an exquisite range catering to all levels of artists, from beginner to intermediate and advanced artists who commission their Artworks. Art Shed stocks products suited for everyone!

Choosing your pencils for your artwork that can go with art supplies of every craft can come down to too many things. You may have a specific brand that you know and love or you could be ready to dive into something new and try a new brand or media type. Our Pencil range has you covered!
Our range includes sets containing Pastel Pencils, Color Pencils, Graphite Pencils, or Watercolor Pencilfrom our chosen leading brands.

So, let’s discuss the variations amongst each Brand and their range to see how best to apply these Pencils to your Art Works.

Best art supplies for beginners

There's no need to spend a fortune on art supplies when you're just starting. However, there are a few essential items that every artist should have in their arsenal. Here are seven critical art supplies for beginners to help you get started on the right path. From pencils and paper to paints and canvases, these are the must-have items that will help you create beautiful pieces of artwork.


For starting out, we recommend acrylic paint , one of the easiest paints to work with. To start painting, you really just need a warm and cool version of each primary color (red, yellow and blue) plus a few others that strike your fancy. Refrain from buying them all – you can add to your palette when necessary. Consider colors like:

  • White
  • Cool yellow
  • Warm yellow
  • Cool red
  • Warm red
  • Cool blue
  • Warm blue
  • Black

If this all seems too hard and you’re not too sure about picking your own colors, consider a beginner’s set, which should contain all the colors you need to create your first ever masterpiece.


The best paint brushes to start with are natural bristle brushes, namely hog brushes, hogs’ hair brushes, and bristle brushes. Bristles should be long and should have a bit of spring. Your brush should hold a good lot of paint, have a good strong handle (longer is better) and should retain its edge and shape after repeated use. Quality is key here – cheap brushes rarely retain their shape and can splay after use.

Synthetic brushes are fine when working with acrylics, so long as they are quality. In fact, synthetics tend to be softer, making them good for glazing and subtle blending. Just bear in mind that you won’t be concentrating on this when you first start out.

Now, the thing about a good brush is that there’s more to think about than simply what it’s made of. There’s also shape and size.

For acrylics, there are 8 main shapes of paint brushes, each suited to different techniques. As this can be confusing, try to break them into two groups: flat or regular and round or pointed.

Flat and regular brushes have a square, flexible end and hold a lot of paint. When used flat, they make long strokes and are good for blending and painting in large areas. Tips and sides can be used to create delicate lines and touches.

Your round and pointed brushes have a large belly that tapers to a fine point. They are great for creating bold strokes that cover large areas, however, can also render fine lines and details.

In terms of size, start off with mid-size brushes (size 6-8) and then branch out according to the needs of your painting style and budget. If you want to, you can pick up a house paint brush, which will be good for preparing your surface with gesso.


Non-porous surfaces are your best bet for beginners using acrylic paint, but the rules generally stop there. You can choose paper specially designed for use with acrylics, canvas or wood. Do consider that your surface shouldn’t break the bank – it’s your first go after all.

At Discount Art N Craft Warehouse, we offer a range of affordable stretched canvas, panels and boards, and depending on the size of your surface, you may want to look at using an easel too.

Must-have art supplies

Whether you're exploring your creative side for the first time or simply looking to expand your artistic toolkit, it's essential to have the right supplies. Here are some essential art supplies that every beginner should have in their arsenal:

1. Drawing Pencils and Paper

A great set of drawing pencils is essential for any artist. Look for a pencil set that includes a variety of lead types (soft, medium, and hard), so you can experiment with different techniques. A sketchbook or drawing pad is also a must-have item, as it gives you a place to practice your skills and try out new ideas.

2. Brushes and Paints

For those looking to explore the world of painting, brushes and paints are a must-have item. Depending on your preferred style, you can opt for oil or acrylic paints and a variety of different brush sizes and shapes. Remember to read each color's instructions carefully, as they can differ in drying time and application.

3. Canvases and Other Support Surfaces

While you might be tempted to skip this step when you're just starting, it's crucial to have a variety of canvases for different projects. Whether you prefer stretched canvases or blank panels, make sure you have the right supplies to create your masterpiece.

4. Drawing and Painting Tools

No artist is complete without a well-stocked toolbox. In addition to the basics like pencils, erasers, and rulers, consider investing in a set of charcoal sticks, pastels, or water-colors. These additional tools will allow you to experiment with different mediums and styles.

5. Storage

Once you get started with your art supplies, it's essential to have an excellent place to store them. Consider investing in an art box or organizer that can keep all of your materials neatly organized and easy to reach when you need them.

6. Digital Tools

Consider stocking up on digital tools like online art supplies Australia to take your art online. These tools can help you share your work with the world and develop your skills in new ways, from online art classes to digital drawing and painting apps.

7. Learning Resources

Whether you're looking for online tutorials or local workshops, there are plenty of resources to help you learn more about art and hone your skills. Look for books, magazines, and websites that offer helpful tips, tricks, and tutorials.

No matter your budget, there's no need to spend a fortune on art supplies when you're just starting. Instead, these seven essential items will help you get started on the right path and provide you with everything you need to create beautiful pieces of artwork. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring your creative side today!


Whether you're just starting as an artist or are looking to expand your toolkit, it's crucial to have the right art supplies. From drawing pencils and paper to paints and canvases, these essential items will help you unleash your creativity and create beautiful pieces of artwork. So don't wait any longer – start exploring your creative side today!


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