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  • Math Wise 1 Oxford SNC
  • Maths Wise meets the specific learning objectives (SLOs) of the Primary levels.
    Mathematics has always been central to a child's education and is a vital tool in
    dealing with real-life problems. The main objective of this course is to present lesson in a simple but interesting manner so that students make their own discoveries with
  • some help from the teacher. Each lesson is preceded by a practical activity that helps
    learning through discovery.
  • Features of the book:
    - An interactive teaching method is used. Lesson include real-life, multi-sensory
    learning situations.
  • - The colourfully illustrated books are attractive to learners.
    Plenty of exercises and suggestions for extra activities are included, which
    provide sufficient problem-solving practice for each concept to develop
    21 Century skills.
  • Great emphasis is placed on allowing each student to learn at their own pace.
    Teaching Guides include extra worksheets and lesson plans which will help
    derive maximum learning.
  • Components:
  • Introductory Book 1,2, and 3
    Book 1-8
    Math Lab Activity Handbook 1-5
    Assessment Practice Book 3, 4, and5
  • .Teacher's Manual 1-5
    (all levels available in print as well as on OUP website)
    Supplementary reading:
    OUPS Oxford Maths Dictionary is recommended as reference material for primary

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