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BOSS SR4 Broad Line Spiral ...

  • This premium quality SR4 Spiral Register has 4 Subject panels.
  • 72gm clean paper with date heading.
  • Penetrate sheets abandon easily to keep your folder looking neat and orderly no matter that how many times you re-write.
  • Dimensions 8.5" x 13.5" ( 21.4cm x 33cm)
  • 72grm Offset Bright & fine paper For comfortable writing.
  • Each page have 24 Broad Lines.
  • Hard card cover which keeps folder safe and secure with durability.
  • This 4 subjects register contains 80 sheets that are ink bleed resistant.
  • Its spiral Lock wire avert coil snags and it won’t get grab on your clothes or Bag.
  • Available in 6 charming colours
  • Its an official product of "SaleemiBooks" which is designed and produced under authority of "Saleemi Book Depot".
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