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Chambeli Book KG Oxford

  • UKG—Urdu Ka Guldasta— is a series of books for levels from pre-primary to eight that has enriched the minds of teachers and students alike.
  • This third edition has been designed to enhance the learning of students and offering higher level of interest.
  • The main emphasis of the new edition are: Colored Printing: To raise the interest level and to elaborate the text, use of colored printing is a prominent feature of this edition.
  • Alignment with the National Curriculum: The pre-primary books are in line with Early Childhood Curriculum (ECCE) and primary books comply with the National Curriculum.
  • For Pre-primary, special exercises are provided for pre-reading and pre-writing skill development.
  • Phonics and sight-reading methods are used where essential.
  • In the primary books, material has been added to both prose and poetry.
  • Effective changes have been made in activities and exercises; addition of objective questions is one of them.
  • Focus on all Four Language Skills: Listening and speaking: group activities and application of these skills at different occasions, their development have been ensured.
  • Reading: auditory and visual teaching methods have been employed.
  • Principles of auditory system of Urdu have been gradually introduced in primary classes.
  • Writing: Urdu is normally written in Nastaleeq font.
  • To elaborate the minute details of this writing, simple yet comprehensive method has been used.
  • Urdu Grammar: To introduce Urdu as the national language, simple and interesting activities have been organized.
  • Care has been taken to ensure the ease of users whose mother tongue is not Urdu.
  • Development of Comprehension Skills: Bloom’s Taxonomy has been introduced in proper sequence of remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating.
  • Creative Writing: Starting from making small sentences in pre-primary to making simple couplets and then writing essays and poetry in grade 5—has been made very simple and comprehensive.
  • Includes stimulating students to write an account of an event, story writing, letters and recording memorandums in diary.
  • Character Building: Emphasis have been placed upon the use of civilized and gentle language.
  • Addition of Interesting Stuff: To stimulate students to appreciate the literary quality of Urdu language, jokes, puzzles, riddles and games are included.
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