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ORO Glue Stick Art No 133 8gm
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    ORO Glue Stick Art No 133 8gm Best Quality Glue Stick Transparent Glue Instant Adhesion Smooth Application Easily Washable Odourless Safe For Kids

    Dollar Glue Stick 8g
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      Dollar Gum Stick 8G Economy pack helps you to carry easily in your school bags, hand bags, travelling bags and pockets.

      Dollar Glue Stick 20gm piece
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        Glue stick goes on smoothly, minimizing any clumping or wrinkling . White super glue bonds properly to a variety of surfaces; paper, photos, cardboard, foam board, fabric, glass and more . Strong and permanent adhesive,...

        Bahadur Gum Stick Bahadur Gum Stick
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          Easy to use Convenient size  Strong and fast bonding ability with just a single stroke Hands and household surfaces clean easily with soap and simple water Perfect for papers, photos, cardboard and other lightweight items...

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            Great for Paper Crafts . Transparent glue . 20ml and 50ml bottle.

            SharkWhiteCraftGlue30g SharkWhiteCraftGlue
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              Premium Quality White Glue For : Bonding of woods Wood related products Art and Craft Project Making Suitable for paper craft, cardboard, wood, fabric This glue can be mixed with borax to make slim Non-toxic....

              UHU The All Purpose Adhesive UHU The All Purpose Adhesive
              • -22%

                To use on virtually every type of material : China, Wood, Metal, Glass, Ceramics, Felt, Leather, Cork Cardboard etcs . UHU The All Purpose adhesive is ideal for Household repairs, Creative handicraft work, School  Office ...

                GMSAElfy20gm GMSA Elfy
                • -20%

                  Extremely Strong Adhesive Material For : Metal Plastic Wood Ceramics Leather Rubber & Glass Super Fast Formula Dries Within Seconds.

                  GMSA Rapid Steel Magic Bond
                  • -25%

                    Super Strong Magic For Metal, Plastic, Wood, Ceramics, Leather, Rubber & Glass .

                    Nafees Liquid Gum Nafees Liquid Gum
                    • -40%

                      Liquid Glue Super Material Used For : Paper Sheets (Fomic Sheets, Computer Papers) Documentation Art and craft Wallpapers (Mix with little water for the best results on walls)

                      German Glue - Saleemi Book Depot
                      • -19%

                        Premium quality glue for bonding of : woods and other wood related products Long life material gives you best performance

                        GMSA Super Bond 20 Gram - Saleemi Book Depot
                        • -25%

                          Super Quality bond. Super strong bond for metals and to fill in the gaps. Perfect For Leather Materials.

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